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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight: Larry Victorino

The past three months, KVIBE has had the fortunate serendipity of volunteer Larry Victorino. Approached by his neighbor - whom spotted Larry working on bicycles in his Kalihi apartment - Larry eventually found his way to the KVIBE warehouse. Every Saturday for three months Larry has spent five hours assisting the youth of Kalihi Valley with bicycle nuances.

Larry began working with bicycles at the age of fourteen. At his Hilo hometown, Larry set up a bicycle shop at a local thrift store. Eventually moving to Kalihi, Larry began working on the neighborhood children's bicycles in his apartment - “no garage, so I worked on bikes inside.”

Now folks can find Larry at KVIBE every Saturday. Larry’s insight of alternative bicycle repair methods keeps bicycles moving. Larry’s main goal is to be “a friendly user to the kids, to give back to the community (of Kalihi Valley).” He encourages other adults to volunteer as “its their community too.”

Larry believes in bicycle safety. And hopes that the kids of Kalihi will sport helmets and ride their bicycles with an awareness of vehicular traffic. If it finds you well, please come visit Larry at KVIBE.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Larry the Magician! He turns TACOS into WHEELS! *inside joke