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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight : Aaron Kosuga.

Aaron Kosuga still has his first bicycle. Ask Aaron about bicycles and he will tell tales of all his bicycles, from a Huffy Mudslinger to GT Pro Performer and how exactly he acquired them.

Aaron’s journey to Kalihi began when he met a girl which became his “gateway into Kalihi.” He started riding bicycles with the Gorospe brothers and was introduced to the KVIBE program. Two years later Aaron met volunteer Larry Victorino at the warehouse and was prompted to become a volunteer himself.

These days Aaron may be found at KVIBE wrenching on numerous complicated projects. Aaron has taken it upon himself to wrench and hammer projects to favorable outcomes. When Aaron is not helping the youth of KVIBE he is seen riding his custom low-rider cruiser bicycle. Aaron is proud of his low-rider cruiser bicycle as it was “a year in the making.”

Patience and persistent, Aaron’s vision of KVIBE is to make it “a place - no matter what age a person is - to walk out with bicycle knowledge.” Aaron views KVIBE as place for friends and community to catch up and work on bicycles together. If it finds you well, please come visit Aaron at KVIBE.

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