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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keep KVIBE Alive!

Video by Mike Orbito

KVIBE provides invaluable opportunities to Kalihi Valley youth — not only do youth learn to build bikes, gaining vocational and mechanical skills, but they learn the value of perseverance and gain a greater sense of confidence in themselves. The Warehouse that is home to KVIBE is a safe haven for youth, where gang colors are not allowed and youth escape the pressures of drug abuse, violence and other "risky" behaviors. Through bicycling, KVIBE creates a healthier path in life for hundreds of Kalihi Valley youth each year.

If Kokua Kalihi Valley is unable to use the Warehouse due to zoning regulations, KVIBE as we know it will disappear. Please urge the City of Honolulu to approve Kokua Kalihi Valley's application for a Zoning Variance, preserving this vital resource for our youth and our community! Thank you for your kokua!

Please sign the petition here (limited only to Hawaii signees):


Cori said...

Matt you rock...blogs hillarious! Keep up the good work!
Cori from the Clinic

Cori said...

wait, scratch comments are hillarious. Blogs awesome!