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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pass This On - An Introduction.

sometime between the ages of teen angst and mediocre adulthood I realized that I was not meant to operate a motor vehicle. there were many factors that drove me to this conclusion; one of the reasons may have been that moment sitting in traffic and understanding - with clarity - what a caged bird felt like. the bicycle is mobility, and mobility is the greatest freedom of them all.

hello, my name is sau hsu. as of right now I am the new program coordinator of KVIBE. I respect all previous coordinators whom have held the position prior and hopefully I will make them and the community proud. as I am terrible at introducing myself, kokua kalihi valley’s jared christenot sent a few questions for me to answer.

JC: Do you mind sharing your first bicycle experience?
sau: my first bicycle experience probably involved me falling. actually, I am fairly certain it involved falling...repeatedly.

JC: Your favorite ride on the island?
sau: my favorite ride on the island is around the island. I have done it numerous times on different bicycles and it is always enjoyable. its curious when people choose to drive automobiles at reckless speeds when one can easily ride a bicycle around an island.

JC: Current wheels?
sau: bianchi d2 super pista (track bicycle) and cannondale caad 10 (road bicycle).

JC: How did you hear about KVIBE?
sau: back in college my friend j atencio was unreasonably enthusiastic about riding bicycles and got all our friends into bicycles. j atencio was heavily involved volunteering at KVIBE and introduced everyone to cyrus camp, a regular volunteer at KVIBE who spread the gospel of the little bike warehouse that could. cyrus now owns the kickstand.

JC: How do you see KVIBE evolving?
sau: my plan is to make KVIBE a sustainable program. I would ideally like to see the youth become adults that build and ride bicycles.

JC: Biggest concern of bicycling on Oahu?
sau: not enough people riding bicycles - its a small island! I really do not care what type of bicycle one may be riding on the streets, as long as you are riding you are my friend. the greatest form of bicycle advocacy is people waking up in the morning and deciding to ride bicycles. heck, even the amish ride bicycles. that says something.


KVIBE could use some quality adult role models, so please volunteer. volunteers must know their way around a bicycle, be patient, friendly, and encouraging. if anyone is up to challenge and sports a strong character, please consider volunteering. the operating hours of the KVIBE warehouse will be established very shortly.

please feel free to email me for all KVIBE related inquiries: the phone is a bit on the frizz at the moment so email is the best bet. if it finds you well please be a friend of KVIBE via facebook - link on lower left corner via “our friends." (photo by ilana nimz)

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