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Monday, November 7, 2011

A Door Is Always Open If It Isn't Closed.

A bicycle is only a bicycle if a human operates it. Otherwise it is a triangular piece of steel, wheels, and other nifty bits. A bicycle’s nifty bits are simple to a seasoned cyclist but confusing to a novice. KVIBE aims to bridge the gap by providing the youth of Kalihi with the skills necessary to upkeep their own bicycles.

Twelve-year-old Harmony Sprain came to KVIBE to learn about bicycles. A recent transplant to Kalihi Valley, Harmony attends Dole Middle School. Faced with the onerous task of walking up and down the valley to get to school, Harmony approached the program to see if she could acquire a bicycle to expedite her commute.

On a Saturday afternoon Harmony learned how to release pedals, handlebars, change a tire and tube, and service several nifty bits of a bicycle. With the help of KVIBE volunteer Sergio Garzon, Harmony was given a hands-on tutorial of all the nuances for a bicycle to function. By the end of the day Harmony rode off on her bicycle with a plethora of bicycle knowledge.

Harmony’s bicycle was courtesy of a generous donation by an adult. Without generous contributions by the community, it would be difficult for KVIBE to provide bicycle education to Kalihi’s youth. Please consider donating to the program if it finds you well. Ride a Bicycle.

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