Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mural Celebration Mahalos!

(ORIGINALLY POSTED: NOV 23, 2016 08:21 PM)

Aloha KVIBE ʻOhana,

The Crew is so touched by the amount of support and appreciation for the work for our new shop mural, and the overall progress happening in the shop. We had about 100 community members in attendance on Monday--notably the most people we've ever seen attend a KVIBE event!

Jordan Ragasa (Left: Community Outreach Coordinator) and Edward-Kevin Faller (Right: Program Manager)
Re-Spect is a value we uphold at KVIBE. It means "to see again". When we re-spect one another, we see them in a different light. We understand their stories, their traumas, their environments. From this, comes the process of reconciliation. (Photo Credit: Daphne Manago)
Many said the most powerful part of the event was seeing the youth hold mini Culture Circles at the start of the event. A Culture Circle is a protocol we follow at KVIBE, where we sit in a circle and share our names, gender pronoun, an ancestor, a home, and how we feel. Attendees were touched to see how our youth were able to demonstrate leadership roles and being welcoming hosts.
Kalihi Youth standing with beauty, grace, strength, and leadership. For Kalihi. For the keiki! (Photo Credit: Ashley Galacgac)

Our mural depicts the past, present, and future of our bike shop. In the past, our shop was an egg distributor, which is represented on our mural as an egg. Two youth leaders are depicted working on bikes in the present. Finally, our future is represented by the doors opening up into the shop...the future of Kalihi is being built in the shop.

We hope you come out to visit us! Check out the new mural, help out at the shop, make a donation!
KVIBE is excited to continue to foster community, healing, and reconciliation with Kalihi's young leaders.

Special Mahalos:
  • Hoʻoulu ʻĀina: Kanoa for sharing Kalihi Valley-grown ʻawa with the community, and Kaʻohua for taking beautiful photos of the event
  • ROOTS for cooking up a huge pot of stew for attendees. It was such a treat! 
  • KKV Grants Team for helping KVIBE find grants that keep our doors open to our future leaders of Kalihi
  • Natanya and the Civil Beat Crew for amazing coverage of our program and sharing our story with the world
  • Amanda and My, our two amazing community artists who brought our vision to life in just four days! 
  • Our youth, who enrich the work that we do so much love and hope
Mahalo Nui for all the Support!

From the Archives: Check out this throwback video by Aloha Fixed. Graffiti art has always been a part of KVIBE culture.
Painting KVIBE from ALOHA FIXED on Vimeo.

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Red Strings said...

Went here for a great all-you-can-eat buffet and they held nothing back. The food, service and mostly the staff at Chicago event venues were truly amazing. I was starving and am one of those voracious "sampling" type eaters who has to try everything in a buffet, and I couldn't make it!