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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Explanation Is Simple.

“Humans were meant to ride bicycles, or else we could never accomplish the feat. Scientists cannot explain how a bicycle stays upright. There are too many forces and variables. We can shoot a metal can across our solar system but there are not enough mathematical formulas to explain how a six-year-old child rides a bike. The explanation is simple. We already know how to ride bikes. We just need to remember it.

We never stop remembering how to ride a bike. When you become older and slower you can sometimes go faster than ever if you use everything you know about riding a bike.

It is always sweet for that reason, but never like the first time. Remember that first time. Remember how to ride. And remember, of course, how true it really is that we never forget how to ride a bicycle.” - Bill Strickland, editor-at-large of Bicycling magazine.

KVIBE will be open on Saturday, November 26th and resumes normal operational hours the following week. Take a moment to spend some time with family and friends this week. Please consider writing a brief passage about what bicycling means to you at the first ever Bicycle Poetry Contest, occurring via the facebook page. Headwinds!

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