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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zoning Variance Approved! (And other news!)

We received news recently that our zoning variance was approved, and that means that KVIBE is here to stay! We also recently was awarded a new grant via The Department of Health, the HHI, and as a result, we are featuring new shop hours and some other new features we'll talk about later.

We'd like to thank everyone who signed our petition and voiced support for KVIBE. Most of all we'd like to give a big thanks to individuals and organizations that went above and beyond to support us, we couldn't do it without you: Ralph Cady, Kyle Nakatsuka, Mark Magnaham, Rosemarie Bernardo and the crew at Star Advertiser, Matthew Dekneef at Honolulu Weekly, Christopher Kim, Hawaii Bicycling League, and all the others who wrote letters in support of our humble shop.

As a result we are proud to say that we will continue to serve the youth of Kalihi and Kalihi Valley to the best of our abilities!

Our new hours are: Wed - Fri, 12 to 5pm / Sat, 10am to 3pm