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Monday, February 18, 2013

An Act of Kindness

Here’s a story that shows how one act of kindness can go full circle.

During the holidays, KVIBE was given a new bike from Toys For Tots Hawaii.

That bike was passed on to a young kid who had been hoping for wheels of his own—and most importantly, who had demonstrated a true willingness to help others at the shop.

The following week, KVIBE got a call from a community member. She explained that she was a friend of the youngster’s family, and that they were overjoyed by the kind gesture. Apparently, he has been riding the bike ever since. (That’s what we like to hear!)

She expressed her own gratitude for the program, and mentioned that she had a bike to donate.

Now, her bike is in another rider’s hands.

Want to keep the circle of giving going? If you have a bicycle that is collecting dust, bring it by. We promise to start another story.

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