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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Travel Is Dangerous.

As Koko Head emerged into sight, so did the smiles on everyone’s faces. Journeying from the KVIBE warehouse, many of the youth had never imagined traveling on bicycles to east Honolulu was feasible. Yet there they were, pedaling towards a much anticipated goal - “we made it,” exclaimed an elated teen. The youth transported themselves fifteen miles (one way, thirty round trip) with nothing but heart and determination.

The bicycle is older then the automobile, and its timeless design has surpassed its automotive counterparts. Owning an automobile now entails a constant draining of funds to banks and insurance companies, whereas the ownership of a bicycle has been the same it has always been: once a bicycle is yours, it's uninhibited.

On the last Saturday of summer break, a group of youth met on the doorsteps of the KVIBE warehouse. There was nary a sense of doubt as they mounted their bicycles and began pedaling out past their familiar neighborhoods. Flanked by adults Larry Victorino, Erica Wong, Brian Erickson, Molly Jenkins, and Isaac Way, the youth rode steadily from Kalihi to Downtown, McCully to Kaimuki, Hawaii Kai to Koko Head.

It was the longest bicycle ride for many. It reminded many adults of the first time they took their bicycles further than they had previously thought possible. By bicycling faraway, the youth discovered their inherent human yearn for physical endurance. It was a eye-opener for many to feel the contours of the roadways in which they journeyed.

photos from a kalihi valley to koko head bicycle ride

With public schools back in session, KVIBE has now resumed normal operational hours. The program will participate at Hele On Kailua - Hawaii’s first Cyclovia - as well as September’s Bikes at Marks’ Garage. Lots of bicycle events are in plan for the upcoming months, and it would be grand if anyone wants to join us on these adventures.

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