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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm the Wind, You're the Kite.

The weeks following Aloha Saturday have been active. Each summer weekday opening means free lunches to youth courtesy of Sodexo and the Hawaii Food Bank. Operational hours have also been extended and everyone involved with the KVIBE program is out riding bicycles as the days become longer.

KVIBE would like to extend our warmest regards to the many people, groups, and/or businesses that made Aloha Saturday a reality. Beginning with Cycle Manoa - our cousins at UH Manoa and particularly dedicated members Nathan Domier and Erica Wong. Aloha Fixed and the Kickstand for co-sponsoring the event. The Kickstand bicycle shop provided the GoldSprints roller races which were a hit with the crowd.

Former KVIBE coordinator Matt Yee was on scene early and stayed late. Yee was integral in almost every function throughout the day - setting up, grilling, and breaking down. Yee’s unwavering support was much appreciated.

Local bicycle shops: McCully Bicycle and Sporting Goods, Eki Cyclery, The Bike Shop, and BikeFactory all supported Aloha Saturday with prizes. Eki Cyclery donated a complete Raleigh cruiser bicycle that was awarded via raffle. A high schooler who had work obligations that deterred his participation for most of the event rode off with the brightest smile on his face.

UH Manoa Administration, Hawaii State Department of Health, and the City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Transportation Services all provided small incentives to ensure that no one left Aloha Saturday without a small momento. Gratitude to Richard Sullivan and the Rotary Club - Kalihi District for painting KVIBE’s warehouse walls a brilliant white to make GoldSprints projection occur.

Friend of KVIBE, Molly Jenkins provided the most extraordinary of services by gathering support from local business. Because of Jenkins’ inquiries, there were additional prizes from: The Human Imagination (purveyors of the popular “hi” shirts), Downbeat Diner, Mexico Restaurant, Honolulu Zoo Society, Honolulu Museum of Art, Bishop Museum, and Fresh Cafe. Jenkins also went above and beyond by intaking and transporting - via bicycle - most of the goods.

Our parent organization, Kokua Kalihi Valley for supporting our modest bicycle program. KKV’s Jared Christenot worked behind the scenes throughout Aloha Saturday and piloted the grill and was accompanied by KKV’s “Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds” - a program to foster nutritious food habits for youth. Events such as Aloha Saturday would not exist if not for KKV/KVIBE’s dedicated volunteers Larry Victorino, Aaron Kosuga, and Mark John Mangayayam.

KVIBE would like to thank all the youth and community who came out to celebrate our beginning of summer event. Gratitude to the crew of HNL Bike Polo for coming out and exposing people to the wonders of bike polo. Thank you to Tyler Kueffner, Brian Erickson, and Lindsey Bode for all showing up at brilliantly timed random moments and providing support. Thank y’all for coming out to Aloha Saturday, now go ride a bicycle!

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