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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stay Alive, Ride a (Cargo) Bicycle.

The perfect car was invented nearly two-hundred years’s called a bicycle. Modern transportation has thus far been marred by decadent luxuries. A human riding a bicycle in a rainstorm understands the environment. A human driving an automobile in a rainstorm understands air conditioning and satellite radio.

KVIBE is proud to welcome a Metrofiets cargo bicycle to its stable. Metrofiets is a small domestic company situated in Portland, Oregon. All parts of the cargo bicycle are hand-made in Oregon and has the capacity to ferry loads up to four hundred pounds. Approximately nine feet long, the Metrofiets cargo bicycle makes for a lasting impression.

Portland’s Splendid Cycles is a small bicycle shop that only stocks cargo bicycles; the shop's quirky motto is “One Less Truck.” True to form, KVIBE’s Metrofiets cargo bicycle will serve as a mobile workstation - no automobile necessary. Funded by the Hawaii State Department of Health’s Healthy Hawaii Initiative, KVIBE’s mobile workstation will be an extension of its brick-and-mortar warehouse.

The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul will launch KVIBE’s mobile workstation. The event will be hosted on March 17, 2012 at 7AM. Everyone is welcome to participate in the group bicycle ride to Kokua Kalihi Valley’s Nature Preserve (approximately two miles from the warehouse). Parental consent forms are required for ALL participants under eighteen years of age.

Additionally, The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul will mark the distribution of one hundred free helmets to youth. All youth are encouraged to claim a free helmet - courtesy of the UH Manoa Nursing students and Queen’s Medical Center - via parental consent forms. All consent forms are available at KVIBE during normal operational hours.

KVIBE’s mobile workstation will provide bicycle mechanics, safety, and advocacy for better pedestrian and/or bicycling infrastructure. The cargo bicycle will soon visit neighborhood public schools and community centers that welcome its presence. Please consider riding alongside mobile KVIBE at The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul.

The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul | March 17, 2012 | Ride a (Cargo) Bicycle

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