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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nature Of The Experiment.

The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul will occur on March 17, 2012. As it is now spring, it will be the first group bicycle ride hosted by KVIBE this year. The leisurely group bicycle ride will start at the warehouse and travel to Kokua Kalihi Valley’s Nature Preserve, Ho'oulu 'Aina. From there, participants will work on the land and learn about the mysteries of Kalihi Valley.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Please note that any participant under eighteen years of age is required to have legal guardian consent forms. As it is a group bicycle ride, participants of all ages must wear a helmet. Courtesy of the efforts of the UH Manoa Nursing students, Queens Medical Center has made one hundred helmets avaliable to the youth free of charge. To obtain helmets and/or sign up for The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul, please visit KVIBE during normal operational hours.

KVIBE is also extremely proud to announce that the program will release a new logo. Designed and hand-drawn by Eilif Knutson, the new logo will coincide with the launching of mobile KVIBE. Coincidentally, Eilif is also the artist of The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul’s poster.

McCully Bicycle will be sponsoring a complete PureFix one-gear bicycle. The bicycle will be raffled to youth participants who complete the group ride and work intelligently at KKV’s Nature Preserve. Other incentives include gifts from Clif Bar, Terrible One BMX, Fresh Cafe, and the Department of Health. Our sponsors are extremely generous folk and KVIBE is appreciative of their kind gestures.

If you have a bicycle that has been collecting dust in storage, get it outdoors! Neither bicycles nor humans are meant to live stagnant lives. Ride with us at The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul.

The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul | March 17, 2012 | 1638 Kamehameha IV Road

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