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Thursday, December 8, 2011

This Must Be The Place.

“I myself find that the physical sensation of self-powered transport coupled with the feeling of self-control endemic to this two-wheeled situation is nicely empowering and reassuring, even if temporary, and it is enough to center me for the rest of the day.” - David Byrne.

For the last six months, twelve-year-old Dallin Sossin has been frequenting KVIBE. Dallin began with a BMX bicycle until his bicycling interests began to outgrow 20-inch wheels. For months Dallin ogled at a donated vintage Fuji bicycle frame hanging idly inside KVIBE’s warehouse. With each generous donation by the public, Dallin began collecting parts to refurbish the tiny Fuji bicycle frame.

Weeks and months passed.

Dallin has spent his entire existence in the Kalihi neighborhood. Dallin lists “biking, video games, and sleeping” as his favorite activities. Prior to visiting KVIBE, Dallin had minimal knowledge about the nifty bits of a bicycle.

This week Dallin built his first fixed gear bicycle.

The kindness of public donations to the KVIBE program will empower Kalihi youth to discover a fervor for bicycling - human-powered transport at its finest. Ride a Bicycle.


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that's a handsome bike. buy a lock! :)