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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Perks of Aloha Saturday.

“A bicycle, if understood correctly and used to its full potential, is actually a key to a completely different, and in many ways more rewarding, way of life. Sure, there are limits to the ways in which you can use a bicycle, but those limits are surprisingly few. A bicycle can give you the feeling of freedom and speed you get from riding a motorcycle, the sense of well-being and peace you get from meditating, the health benefits you get from an afternoon in the gym, the sense of self-expression you get from learning to play guitar, and the feeling of victory you get from completing a marathon. It’s an invention that was in many ways ahead of its time.” - Eben Weiss, Bike Snob.

As summer quickly approaches in Honolulu, the opportunities to ride bicycles has exponentially increased. To celebrate this momentous occasion, KVIBE has teamed up with Aloha Fixed and the Kickstand to host ALOHA SATURDAY. The event will feature bicycle races, goldsprints, bike polo, and other bicycle activities. A summer of healthy endeavors and rewards is abound, let us ride bicycles together.

ALOHA SATURDAY | at KVIBE - 1638 Kamehameha IV Road | June 16, 2012

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