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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

But This One Is An Original.

The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul was a grand success. As no program is an island, KVIBE was extremely fortunate to have partner organizations and community members involved in the event. There were three KVIBE volunteers on deck - Larry Victorino, Eilif Knutson, and Mark John Mangayayam - to ensure participants’ bicycles were functional and to assist as leaders of The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul.

Secondly, kudos to Cycle Manoa. Cycle Manoa is sometimes referred to as “KVIBE for big kids,” but that is not entirely true. Cycle Manoa is comprised of UH Manoa students with a passion for cycling, mechanics, and pedestrian/bicycling advocacy. Members of Cycle Manoa have been regularly volunteering themselves on Saturdays to teach Kalihi youth the mysteries of bicycles. The organization’s participation at The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul was appreciated.

Gratitude to the UH Manoa Nursing students who handed out free helmets to youth. Further recognition to the ladies who also rode in the group ride.

Thank you Farrington High School educators Jonathan Lott and Jeffrey Ideta for encouraging their students to participate. Additional thank yous to Jeffrey for lending a consistent hand at KVIBE. Thank you Kalakaua Middle School educators Geoff Jones and John Hamilton.

Thank you HNL Bike Polo members for waking up early to ride bicycles. The original response by the group in reference to the start time was, “what is 7AM?”

Thank you Kokua Kalihi Valley for being a supportive non-profit that sustains programs such as KVIBE and Ho’oulu ‘Aina. The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul would not have occurred without the encouragement of the organization. Thank you Ho’oulu ‘Aina for hosting Third Saturday community work days and having KVIBE be a part of such a grand monthly event.

Thank you to our sponsors: Clif Bar, Terrible One BMX, Metrofiets, Fresh Cafe, Hawaii State Department of Health, and McCully Bicycle. McCully Bicycle’s complete one-gear bicycle grand prize went to a very deserving youth who was rendered speechless upon delivery. Please support our sponsors as they support KVIBE.

Finally, thank you to all the adults who came out to ride with the youth. Thank you to all the youth who woke up tremendously early (on a Saturday) to ride bicycles and work on the land. Without each of you The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul would not have been as successful as it was. There is a entire album of photos from The Great Kalihi Cargo Haul, please consider viewing if it finds you well. Afterwards, go ride a bicycle.

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