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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Months

Exactly two months ago, we culled the ranks of our regular kids and pulled 5 potential volunteers. Their tasks: to help run the shop, keep it clean, return the tools to their proper places, and take responsibility for their time at KVIBE, that is, if they had a legitimate reason why they couldn't make it to "work," they'd have to call us and let us know. It started off slowly, but two exceptional volunteers made it through 2 months. In exchange for two months of volunteer work, they would receive premium BMX bikes and parts.

Auggie Ray Alvarez

and Joseph De Sagun

pose with their new bicycles! The top is a Matt Hoffman bike; the next is a Specialized. There were others on hand to witness the completion of their two months:

David, who was busy aligning his new handlebars,

Ali, who was cursing at his wheel,

A very regal-looking Remo,


and Michelle's feet.

We leave you with this pic which in my mind is what KVIBE is all about:

L to R: Jared, Auggie, Ryden.

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