Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What is K-VIBE?

K-VIBE maintains an inventory of about 100 bikes at any time and more are donated everyday. Since we opened in February of 2005, we have found nearly 300 new owners for our K-VIBE bikes. We sponsor community rides and visit local schools to teach bike safety, simple mechanics and healthy lifestyles. We advocate for better bike facilities, infrastructure, and government policy.

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Unknown said...

I brought in my rear wheel on Wed/14/16 to get the gears installed. When I came back to pick up the rim it was still bent.
I went through all the trouble to find out what kind of Donation was 'OK' for Vegetarians as I was warned. I went to the Food Bank at my church and asked for donations that would work for KVIBE.
I brought juice, soda, and mild coffee drink. If it "Insulted" you why didn't you say something --- instead of NOT doing the wheel correctly. The other bike repair shop said that there was NO "HUB" installed and crooked/bent .... "Thanks" again !!!
He MAN told me the wheel was still bend and take it to another bike repair shop. What is the apprentice training for ??? The journeyman overseer should have the apprentice straighten out the wheel. WHAT GOOD IS IT TO ME WHEN MY BIKE IS STILL DISABLED !!!
KVIBE: What a Joke ....!!!
Screwing the Public is your First Thought ......
Donald Guerrero
member: NB-15, Kalihi-Palama Board